MSU Turfgrass Completes DACUM Research 0

MSU’s Turfgrass program recently completed a competency-based function analysis for the career of Professional Turfgrass Manager. DACUM, which stands for “designing a curriculum” is a 40-year old process developed by The Ohio State University that assists organizations in the design of competency-based programming through comprehensive analysis. MSU’s Turgfrass program is exploring the development of online, […]

MSU Turfgrass


Summer MOOCs at MSU 0

Michigan State University, with the help of MSU Global and LearnDAT, will be offering two MOOCs this summer. Both MOOCs will begin in late June and will be offered through the Canvas Network, a MOOC learning platform and support provider. Learn more about MOOCs at MSU. Thinking Like a Writer Faculty members Jeff Grabill and […]

MSU Global’s New Innovation Fellows (Summer/Fall 2014) 0

MSU Global Innovation Fellows are faculty, or faculty teams, working with MSU Global to co-create new models for knowledge and learning systems. Fellows are developing solutions with MSU Global that are relatively (1) new to MSU, (2) new external to MSU, (3) aligned with the expertise of MSU Global; (4) likely to be completed, and […]

Innovation Fellows (Summer/Fall 2014)

Innovation Dialogues

New Talk Series: Innovation Dialogues 0

MSU Global is excited to present a new talk series this summer called Innovation Dialogues that will expand the discussion around approaches to competency-based learning, digital storytelling, e-portfolios and similar opportunities. We are hopeful that you will be able to join us for all sessions, but if not, please feel free to pick and choose those that best […]


Next Fanning the Flames to discuss wrapping a course around a major live event 0

MOOCs in conjunction with live global events produce interesting results. Faculty members Mark Wilson, Eva Kassens-Noor and Lisa Robinson recently completed a MOOC that was offered in parallel with the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. They are also in the planning stages for another MOOC beginning June 2014 that will run in conjunction with the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

world bank

World Bank Gender in Agriculture e-learning launch 0

Gwyn Shelle, MSUglobal assistant director, production, recently spoke at the launch event for a Gender in Agriculture E-Learning course in Washington D.C. The course is the result of a collaboration between the World Bank and Michigan State University and will be freely accessible under a creative commons license to anyone interested in gender-related topics in agriculture and rural development.