Changing the World through Storytelling

In this interview, Kurt Stepnitz, Senior Photographer for MSU Communication and Brand Standards and current MSU Global Creative Fellow, talks to editorial intern Stephanie Hernandez McGavin about “the global problems faced by people every day and what MSU is doing to fix them.” His exhibit, The University Photographer: Behind the Camera at MSU is on […]

A CMS trombone student listens as his instructor plays a passage.

Innovation Research Project

Innovation Research at MSU

What is Innovation? In 2014-2015 we take an adventurous step toward an answer to this very important question. Through research, workshops, reflection, and action, MSU Global’s best innovative processes will be made visible and apparent to our selves and one another.  Our goals are to a) Better understand the innovation process we use; b) Become […]

Spartans Without Borders in Merida, Mexico

Spartans Without Borders (SWOB) recently returned from ten days in Merida, Mexico, where they partnered with Casa De Descanso de los Abuelos (a home for older adults) and Solyluna (an organization that address needs of children with disabilities) to help improve the quality of life for the marginalized populations that these organizations serve, the aging and the disabled. […]

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William Brohn, New Haven, Connecticut. November 6, 2010.

Kurt Stepnitz: Interview with the University Photographer 3

  Kurt Stepnitz is a Senior Photographer for Michigan State University Communications and Brand Strategy. In light of his upcoming Creative Fellow Open House in the MSU Global Gallery on November 11, 2014, we took the liberty of asking him some questions about his creative process, the pieces that resonate most from him, and where he […]

PhotosynQ User Profile: Reducing Destructive Sampling when Measuring Plant Root Health

  In this series of profiles, we take a look at how users are putting the device created by the MSU Global 2014 Innovation Fellows group, PhotosynQ, to use in the lab and in the field. Find out how how the PhostynQ device, called the MultispeQ, makes taking plant measurements faster, more cost-effective, and more robust. Visit the […]

Dr. Martin Chilvers

Experiential Learning Assessment

Research Update: Experiential Learning Assessment

This update is provided by Bill Heinrich, MSU Global’s Research & Assessment Specialist. With three sets of student learning artifacts in-hand (aka data), we’re in a position to begin a more formal research project about experiential learning assessment.  Led by Bill Heinrich, a rotating team of researchers is chosen for carrying a specific assessment perspective […]

Igniting Innovation 2014 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Igniting Innovation event on October 3, 2014 and made it our most successful innovation showcase to date! For those of you who couldn’t join us, check out the video footage from our two featured panels and peruse the photo gallery. We also encourage anyone who attended the […]



MSU Expands Global Reach with Launch of Food Knowledge Cloud 3

Today Michigan State University launched the Food Knowledge Cloud, a new educational portal that will offer open-access courses and resources to students around the globe. MSU will build on its successful Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on food fraud as a foundation for its education portal, which has opened registration for multiple food-related MOOCs. “MSU has a […]