Non-credit Registration System

Michigan State University’s centrally supported web-based non-credit registration system allows MSU departments to manage all their own products in a secure e-commerce environment (the system also allows for registration for events and products that have no charge). For those offering non-credit online courses, the system will link your students directly to ANGEL.

Units should use NCRS if they:

  • have a non-credit product or service requiring registration or e-commerce payment
  • need to comply with data security and payment requirements
  • want to launch multiple non-credit products or services

MSU College Partners

  • All MSU Colleges

MSUglobal’s Role

MSUglobal, along with Administrative Information Services and the Registrar’s Office, provides operational support for the NCRS System. MSUglobal interfaces with departments who wish to use the system and provide the initial set-up, training, and on-going support required.

MSUglobal Contact

Jerry Rhead | (517) 432-9186

Joni Epps | (517) 432-9745